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MOVI Controller

Day Rate: £185 ex VAT     

Hire price for FREEFLY MOVI controller is base on a daily rate.

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  • Timelapse Mode
  • Target Mode
  • High-Performance Stabilization (HiPer)
  • Supports iOS and Android apps


High-Performance Stabilization (HiPer):
Improved overall software performance with a 2x faster control-loop rate and advanced tuning configurations. This means longer lens shots are possible, and the stabilization quality of the MōVI is improved 30-50%.

Timelapse Mode:
MōVI will be able to perform automated time-lapse sequences, and pre-programmed motion paths set up via any Freefly controller or app.

Target Mode:
MōVI can be set to lock the camera on a GPS position (requires a strong GPS signal), or to dynamically follow a MIMIC transmitter as the camera’s target. 

Fixes and Enhancements:
An updated communications protocol, improved MIMIC support and more.

Updated iOS and Android app:
iOS and Android beta apps are improved and updated to match the look, feel, and functionality of the ALTA app.

The MōVI Controller is a professional grade remote system that allows the operator full control over Pan, Tilt, and Roll. This controller provides telemetry from the MōVI and allows the user to access MōVI configuration menus to enable on the fly adjustment of key MōVI parameters. The MōVI Controller also simplifies the remote control station by providing power for an LCD monitor and wireless video system. Using either an AC adapter or a single IDX battery, you can power your MōVI Controller, monitor, wireless video system, and additional 5 or 12v accessories.

Accessory Type: Controller
Material Carbon Fibre
  • Timelapse Mode
  • Target Mode
  • High-Performance Stabilization (HiPer)
  • Supports iOS and Android apps

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