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PDMovie PD3-P3 System

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Smart devices based Wireless FIZ system PDMovie PD3-P3.

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  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus and iPod Touch
  • Motor mounts to either 19mm rods or 15mm rods (with included adapter)
  • 6000 mAH Controller Battery (5x Capacity of the iPod Touch)
  • Communicates through 2.4 Ghz Wireless Protocol


The second generation of PDMOVIE’S wireless lens control has arrived!

We wanted to create an innovative wireless follow focus. In order to achieve its distinctive design, we incorporated the high quality and delicate touchscreen of IOS devices. To have the most rapid response system, Apple IOS system was undoubtedly the best choice, it can achieve the desired perfect result. For maximum convenience the REMOTE AIR PRO motor and receiver are combined into a single unit, reducing the use of cables. The new brushless motor has been imported from Germany. With high speed and torque, the noise is barely audible. A full range of advanced technology achievements produce the most outstanding performance to date for the REMOTE AIR PRO.

– The design has been developed but the simplicity of the PDMOVIE remote air first generation still remains
Extreme simplicity is what we adhere to interms of design at PDMOVIE. A unibody concept is used to gain the sleekest of designs with the REMOTE AIR PRO, not a single screw can be seen on the remote control body resulting in a true sense of comfort and style.

– High-precision Brushless Motor
The new German imported, high-precision brushless motor runs smoothly even at high speed rotation, scarcely making a sound. It is PDMOVIES most professional standard motor. Due to the fine internal structure, the controller motor accommodates both receiver and driver, making it lighter, thinner and as compact as possible.

– Connectivity
The new REMOTE AIR PRO is built to withstand harsh environments, including extreme weather, severe shaking and long-term operation. With the use of the new aviation locking plugs it can maintain the stability and safety of performance for a long time, The cable is designed for power and signal transmission for Convenience.

– Two types of Motor available.
The AIR PRO REMOTE offers two kinds of motor. Only one motor/receiver is required for single channel use and the standard motors can be added for dual and triple channel use.The controller motor – State of the art brushless motor, with a bult in receiver, reduces size and weight. The standard motor – suitable for focus, zoom or iris control. The cable powers and transmits from the controller to the standard motor, by daisy chaining the motors you can have unlimited in series connections and giving you unlimited channels, making this wireless follow focus ideal for 3D filming operation where everything needs to be doubled.

– Lighter, thinner and more robust.
We have controlled the weight of the motor, weighing a modest 170g. Thats 430g lighter compared to the 1st generation EF motor and 600g lighter compared to the max motor. The high torque, robust motor, much stronger than prevoius designs, can operate any lens on the market from affordable stills lenses to high-end cine lenses.

It is PDMOVIES thinnest, lightest motor ever. Using high-end brushless motors for a silent and accurate result, perfect for gimbal and steadicam work thanks to its low-profile design measuring nly 19mm thin.

– Long battery life
The REMOTE AIR PRO controller has a built-in large capacity battery which can last for up to 60 hours at a time. An added feature includes the ability to use a mobile power supply when your power is low. The controller also has the ability to charge your IOS device, When the controller is low on battery it will cease to charge your device but continue to operate. These features were designed for the operators peace of mind.

– REMOTE AIR PRO Compatibility
The remote is compatible with iPhone 6/6s, 6 Plus, iPod touch, or iPad to operate, in order to use a different model of mobile phone all you need is to replace a small accessory clamp.

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus and iPod Touch.
  • Motor mounts to either 19mm rods or 15mm rods (with included adapter).
  • 6000 mAH Controller Battery (5x Capacity of the iPod Touch).
  • Communicates through 2.4 Ghz Wireless Protocol.

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