Film Production


ZXRecords Limited has established itself as a premium film and video production services company, at a national and international level. We offers a wide range of services to producers and advertising agencies from all over the world who are interested in shooting their projects with the very best filming equipment and crew.
Our Company offers the very best tactical filming services. We also provide services such as rental of camera equipment, lighting, grip, transportation, locations, management of shooting permits, personnel, etc., our crew have many years of experience in the film, Video, Broadcast and Audio sector.



Thanks to the fact that ZXRECORDS Kit Hire Services provides premium equipment rentals, we can offer our customers the best possible pack of Camera, Light and Grip, placing us in a position without competition in the UK and International market.
We are based in Reading, Berkshire in the UK and our fanatical teams are happy to assist customers with 24/7. We will take care of all your production needs, information about the country, tax incentives, equipment rental, shooting permits, casting, locations, accommodation, transportation, etc.

If you have any questions or need information about locations, budget for your next project, etc., please contact our production department, we will be happy to help.

ZXRecords provides services to video production companies and advertising agencies from all over the world interested in shooting their film projects all over Europe.
Our filming services offers production companies with support servicesequipment rental and technician crew.

ZXRecords On set in Vienna


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