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What we do

ZXRecords is a UK based Audio and Visual production company which was established in 2015 with the intention of proving specialised high end tactical filming and camera stabilisation services across a variety of industry sectors. Our aim is to provide the absolute best services in Cinematic Filming techniques, Aerial Filming/Photography technologies, Site Surveys, Site Inspection and Audio Production.
  We currently provide a vast range of specialist aerial services and operate within numerous industries - including Film, Music, Energy, Real estate and in the commercial sectors, delivering a completely customised solutions based on our customer's specific needs.


  • We are a team of highly qualified and accredited Professionals.
  • We are experts in tactical Filming and Audio recording.
  • We provide Tools rental services.
  • We are a group of energetic and passionate individuals.

  • We are CAA approved for either Day or Night flights and we are highly skilled in outdoor or¬†indoor flights.
  • We provide between 4K - 8K uncompressed videography from Arri Alexa to RED Weapon cameras.
  • We can stream footages directly from our drone cameras for live broadcasting.
  • We can provide timelapse footage for events, promotions and construction developments from 720p to 8K quality delivery for both short term and long term projects.
As you can see from our Kits Hire page, we have the very best and latest tools for delivering your high-end project requirements.
If you are interested in discussing your specific project requirements, please give us a call or complete our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Meet Our Team



I am responsible for managing our clients and their expectations by ensuring that all our projects are delivered on time.



I am responsible for the creative aspect of Filming and Videos projects. Ensuring that all post production work is completed on time.



I am PIC responsible for all aspect of our Drone flights and ensuring that aerial projects are delivered on time.