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Day Rate: £58 ex VAT     

Hire price for the PDMOVIE A3-TC REMOTE AIR 3 is base on a daily rate. Note: We offer competitive operator service.

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  • High torque motors, 70% increase in power
  • V2 motors support photo and cine lenses with manual calibration
  • Super slim redesigned Remote controller
  • 7200 levels of resolution


The Remote Air 3 has arrived. The smallest, slimmest design, the most advanced and powerful Wireless Controller to date. The third generation of PDMOVIE’s Air series is the most exciting yet. Building upon the great features from the previous models to make the best Wireless Controller possible at a staggeringly low price.


The hand controller has been redesigned with elegant bevelled edges and carefully planned out position of switches and buttons that has been improved upon from the Air 1 and 2 designs. Roughly half the thickness of the previous controller, this update is most welcome and makes the Remote Air 3 a pleasure to use.


The Air 3 has a main control dial for focus, and 2 rocker switches for Iris and Zoom, These can support up to 2 channels each, so a total of 6 channels can be used! Ideal for 3D stereoscopic work.


The motors have been redesigned, and now offer an increase of 70% power over previous version. Small, silent and extremely powerful. The latest motors now effortlessly work with photos lenses using the manual calibration setting, and better than ever using cine lenses.


To activate the other 3 channels, you can connect the Remote Air 3 to an iOS device, in which the PDMOVIE app can control the remaining 3 channels. So for 6 channel operation, 3 channels use the Remote and the other 3 channels use the app.

Weight 296g
Dimensions 17.5x5.6x5.7cm
Battery capacity 2040mHh
Battery voltage 3.7V
Charging voltage 5V IN
Support Can be used to connect IOS APP (REMOTE AIR)

Weight 79.0g (PDL-TC-AF)
Dimensions 6.6x4.3x2.3cm
Battery capacity 300mHh
Battery voltage 3.7V
Charging voltage 5V IN

Weight 196.5g
Dimensions 10.8x4.8x2.3cm
Torque max 0.8Nm
Working voltage 7~20V
Gear Module:0.8 teeth:40; Module:0.6 teeth:60; Module:0.5 teeth:72; Module:0.4 teeth:90;
Noise < 28 Db

APP System IOS(No support for Android), Version - More than 8.4, Screen adaptation - 4.7inch,5.5inch,4inch,3.5inch
OLED C:Shows current Channel in use, short press on OFF/ON Channel button to change channel, T:The controller battery charge remaining percentage, R:Receiver voltage
Motor Two types of Motor available, Built in receiver, High-precision brushless motor, Silent, Greater torque, Faster speed, Unified standard aviation self locking plug
Wireless LAN 2.4G Digital Wireless, Full duplex transmission mode, Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, Bluetooth mode signal transmission
Memory function One-key stroke memorey function can record strokes of different lens; Manually set the(AB point); Recover the calibration; Employing digital limitation function can guarantee the safety of the lens#
Stroke detection Automatic detection, Automatic current and speed distribution, Automatic matching maximum speed
Transmission distance 100M signal transmission distance; Support 20 meter Bluetooth signal transmission;
Battery More than 30 hours’ service time; Instant start within standby time of 30 days; More than 1000 times’ circulation of full charge and discharge; USB portable charging;
  • High torque motors, 70% increase in power.
  • V2 motors support photo and cine lenses with manual calibration.
  • Super slim redesigned Remote controller.
  • 7200 levels of resolution.

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