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PDMOVIE Remote Kit

Day Rate: £46 ex VAT     

Hire price for the PDMOVIE REMOTE LIVE II KIT is base on a daily rate. We offer operator service.

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The new PDMovie Remote Live II Dual Channel kit.Using the latest brushless motor technology and the simple yet effective hand wheel system, it can be operated with just one hand so ideal for applications such as Handheld, Tripod, and Gimbals. The new Dual Channel version has a compact controller with both a finger wheel for focussing and a zoom rocker.

Faster and more powerful:
The new motor system uses brushless motors which increases the torque and precision. The motor can drive regular stills lenses and much tougher cine lenses. The older Remote Live only had 500DPI resolution, this has been great increased to 7200DPI so it becomes more responsive and accurate than ever before

Smaller and lighter:
The previous REMOTE LIVE used an internal battery which added size and weight. The new system removes the battery and the motor and finger wheel controller are both powered by a Single D-Tap connector.

Advanced functions:
There are 3 different speed modes to suit most operators needs, The A-B mode is useful for manually setting hard stops, this is great for stills lenses that keep spinning, or for specific focus points that need to be hit exactly.

Clamp anywhere:
The universal clamp can attach to a wide range of applications, perfect for 15mm or 19mm bars, camera handles, gimbal cross bars or tripod arms.

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